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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prayer Requests

Please post any prayer request you might have as a comment. The Realtime Church leaders and community will pray for you. If there is anything of a highly personal nature, send it to



  1. Please pray for my mom Pat, as she may have cancer.
    She will be having more testing done on Feb third.She is scared, and could really use everyone's prayers.Thank you all very much.

  2. Please pray for my husband. The company he works for will probably not be open for business much longer, and he needs to have another job opportunity come to him. He is unhappy and drinks, I would ask for prayers that the right opportunity be given to him and that he would be able to stop drinking. I am worried about our financial situation if he loses his job and also about his physical and mental health. He is a gentle, good man, just so sad.