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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ellie Orosz

Ellie is headed home!!!
>>7:40pm- 11/12/09- Amazing news! Ellie is headed home! She was released today, and is headed home for some normal life. The family has relayed thanks to the Realtime Church community for all the prayers. The doctors will do some tests in a couple months to see how she is developing.

Ellie is a little girl born to Nate and Annie Orosz on Friday the 2nd of October in Columbus, OH. After a normal pregnancy, the umbilical cord ruptured when Annie's water broke. There was significant blood loss and a shortage of blood to Ellie's brain.

>>1:38pm- 11/10/09-
Good news! Ellie is off all her feeding tubes and breathing tubes. She should be going home in a week or two! >>5:19pm- 11/1/09- It may be weeks before we know if there has or hasn't been any negative impact on sweet Ellie's brain. Stay tuned and we will post any info we get as soon as we get it.
>>9:00am- 10/20/09-
Ellie is off the vent!!! She is only on oxygen. She is back down to 9 lbs so that means she is definitely ridding her body of extra fluid. Some of her kidney function is still in question so that still needs lots of prayer. The biggest concern right now is little Ellie's brain. We are unsure of the details but know that her medical team is trying to establish how her little brain is functioning. So good news, and still more to pray about...

>>7:45 pm- 10/13/09-
Ellie's mommy and daddy got to hold her for the first time. See the pic!

>>4:45pm- 10/10/09-
Ellie will be seeing a kidney specialist today. We'll update you as we get more information.

>>1:45pm- 10/9/09-
Ellie just had a very wet diaper!! Your prayers are working. Please keep on praying for more pee and also for her brain. More info to come.

>>7:30pm - 10/8/09 -
The doctors are still waiting for Ellie to pee. They need her to do this to get rid of the extra swelling. If they cannot get this under control, they may have to look at other options. So, pray for PEE!!! Also, Ellie's parents have family in town who are staying in hotels. They are in the Columbus, Ohio area. Anyone have any connections in this area? E-mail/FB/Twitter RTC.

>>5:00am - 10/8/09 -
No news yet.

>>8:20pm - 10/7/09 -
They really need her to pee.



  1. Is this family far from home? Could they utilize Until Journey's End?

  2. From Columbus. But you can see how UJE & RTC can work together.

  3. This is Nate Orosz, and I just want to thank everyone for their prayers for Ellie. Our little girl is a fighter, and I know your prayers will help her through these difficult times. May God bless you all.


  4. Hello Nathen,
    I am good friends and neighbors of Hank and Betty Wroblewski. I have been offering my daily mass and Chaplet of Mercy for Ellie's recovery. She is beautiful! God Bless You and your wife and family.
    Mrs. Clausing

  5. I am not sure what that is but I am close with the family and I would have to say no.

  6. Nigeria is praying for Ellie. I am passing on her story so that we can continue to pray day and night. One man wrote, "We would stand with you in prayer. Please take heart, the Lord would not leave nor forsake Elle, after all, He made her!!"

  7. I know Annie through my sister Jessica DiPerna. Just by knowing Annie's amazing self I have faith that God is with you guys and that your daughter is a STRONG fighter! Stay positive and know that you are in our prayers and we are here for anything your family needs...God and prayer are powerful, keep the faith! We love you.

  8. Ellie is in my prayers and the prayers of my friends here at school.

  9. Annie, Nate and Ellie!!! We love you and our thinking of you everyday;) You are in our prayers.
    Claire, Joel and Livia

  10. Ellie is adorable...God bless you all! Praying hard for a quick recovery. All our love...cousins Mark & Anna

  11. I am Annie Orosz, Ellie's mom and we continue to pray for little Ellie. We are praying that her kidneys heal so that Ellie can pee out all of the fluid she is retaining. Please continue to pray for her. I can't tell you how thankful and blessed I feel for all of you. God Bless.

  12. Annie and Nate, we love both of you and we are praying every day for Ellie to get better. Chris and Jen

  13. Annie and Nate, she is beautiful & precious, and we are praying for her continued improvement. We are also praying for strength for both of you. Please let us know if you need anything at all. God Bless your family. Chad and Katy Endsley

  14. I am so sorry to hear about Ellie. It's heartbreaking to hear. I will definitely keep she, Annie and Nate in my prayers. If there is anything I can do, please let me know.

  15. Praying hard for this beautiful baby girl.
    Caren Hill

  16. I am a friend of Jessica Diperna. I just wanted to let you know that am Praying for Ellie and am so happy to hear that she finally peed. God hears our prayers and he is watching over Ellie and her health every second of the day. God bless you! Bridget Faler

  17. Many of my friends are is what some of them have emailed me...


    I am praying and hoping for the best for all.

    praying for God to do a miracle in this little one's life!

    We are excited to see the Lord answering our prayers! Thank you Nate and Annie for updating us :)Love, Emilee and Jason

  18. We are praying for Ellie, Annie and Nate and trusting in the Lord to care for her and all your family. She is a lovely little girl.

    Love, your cousins,
    Rita and Scott Beard

  19. Really loved seeing the video of Ellie. What a sweetie and what a blessing to see her respond to her mommie. Will continue to pray and believing God to continue to do miraculous things.

    Cindy Buck (Jessica & Emilee's aunt)

  20. Ellie is beautiful. I will keep Ellie, Annie and Nate in my prayers. Amy Klenke (Jessica's & Emilee's aunt)

  21. Nate, Annie, and little Ellie, you are all in my thoughts and prayers! I am sharing your story with many others so that others will continue to pray. God is with all of you every step of the way. Continue to stay strong. Ellie is a fighter! I believe that God will heal things for you, your family, and little Ellie. I am praying for you! :) -Katie Imbus

  22. Hi Nate and Annie-it's Jessica Mager from Nate's work. She is so beautiful. I have room at my house if your family needs a place to stay please call.

  23. We are all praying for strength and good health. May God watch over and bless Ellie and her family.
    the DeMart family

  24. We all have faith in the Lord that He will do great things. We need to be patient and let Him work.

    Our love to all,
    Betty & Henry

  25. Nate & Annie. My name is Kim and I'm in Illinois. 11 1/2 years ago, my son, Charlie (full term) kicked the cord and when my water broke, it was all blood. When they finally delivered him 4 hours later by c-section, he had lost 1/3 of his blood volume. His kidneys failed at day 2 and he went on peritoneal dialysis that day. He spent 4 weeks in NICU and came home at 4 weeks on dialysis. The expectation was that he would stay on dialysis til age 2 yrs and have a transplant. Miraculously at 2 MONTHS, his kidney function picked up to 50% and he came off of dialysis that day. He did not set foot in a hospital (except for routine bloodwork) until he was 9 for his transplant. The kidneys grew with him, but not enough to keep up with his growth so we had always known that he would need a transplant before puberty and that I was a match. He is doing great! and most people would never know that my vibrant energetic young man building lego robots in the basement was ever unhealthy. You and Ellie are in my prayers. If you ever need to talk to someone who understands, please email

  26. Hooray! What a cute little snugglebug and a wonderful way to be thankful and celebrate Thanksgiving! Take Care!
    Deborah Scott