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Sunday, November 1, 2009


All of the crap that happens in your life and the lives around you! The Realtime Church community wants to come together to help. But first you have to let us know what critical situations are going on! Please, let us know! We want more projects!

Communications are 100% confidential.

So we've been doing Realtime Church for about a month and a half. There are a handful of projects that we've had the privilege to be a part of in the past six weeks.

Some are big and dramatic like the playset that we built for Kate MacRae.

Some are top-secret and we still won't be able to tell you about them for a couple weeks!

But whether it is keeping you up-to-date on a sick little girl like Ellie, or whether it is letting you know about a benefit concert like Keona’s… we are doing just what we work hoped to be doing.

Thanks for all your help.


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