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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kate McRae

Kate is a five year old bubbling blondie from Phoenix, Arizona. She loves High School Musical, playing with her brother and sister, and Jesus. Kate has a brain tumor, a very aggressive form of brain cancer. She is in the midst of chemotherapy. She began her third round on September 29. This is where Realtime Church comes in.

Kate wants a swing set. Her mom and dad would love for her to have one, but the logistics and cost are not feasible at this time. Kate will be in the hospital for approximately 3-4 weeks. We would like the swing set to be completed by the time she returns home from this round of chemo. This is where you come in.

Do you have any connections in the Phoenix area? We are in need of a new playhouse/swing set, and a special swing so that Kate can swing without assistance.

Do you want to make a charitable donation towards the swingset? E-mail RTC for more information. Do you know someone in the Phoenix area who would donate/get us a good deal on a swing set? E-mail RTC. Have some other contact that is pertinent to this project? E-mail RTC. There will be lots of other details to come.


Each situation has its own needs. Here's where you need to be creative. As you read through the current critical needs/situations, be thinking not only of things you can offer such as: meals, housing, transportation, childcare, physical needs, etc.

Also be thinking of people, organizations, or churches in the area of the critical need data may be able to provide these things as well.

We are doing a little reorganizing. Soon, current needs will be divided up into "Projects" and "Prayer Requests".