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Friday, July 17, 2009


Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Even if there aren't any ways that you can help with the current critical needs, you can still talk about them. Pray about them. Blog about them. Chat about them around the water cooler. Let more and more people know about them.

In the past of four or five years, many people who have experienced illnesses, tragedies, and other traumatic experiences have been able to gather incredible followings on their blogs. This is fantastic! When we learned of a blog like this, we will post it.

Also, Caringbridge and Care Pages are great resources for families with loved ones in the hospital. Whenever someone we are following has a Caringbridge page, we will post links to it here.

Be the First

This is the "guts" of Realtime Church.

It's not every day that someone you are close to is in a traumatic event, so you probably won't be uploading things to Realtime Church every day. But you do check Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail every day... probably more.

If you sign up to follow Realtime Church, you will be the first to know what traumatic events are going on in the Realtime Church world. Does this make you amazing? Yes. Does this make you a little nosy? Probably. Does it also make you available to the needs of hurting people all across the country? Absolutely. And that is the point... awareness of the needs going on all around us.

Follow Realtime Church by:

>>Twitter (you must have a twitter account)

>>Facebook (join the group!)


e-mail address


This is where realtime church starts.

If you or someone you know has just had a traumatic event, please send a explanation and your contact information to one or more of the following places...

Twitter (please send a direct message)
Facebook (make a wall post at the Realtime Church page)

>>>Please include your name and phone number. We will call you.
After you upload the situation, we will call to verify exactly what has happened. If the story checks out, and it is a situation that Realtime Church can help in, we will then send out a blast on all our Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail channels, looking for people that can help.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Privacy is very important to us. With the amount of correspondence coming in and going out of here, we are trying extra hard to keep e-mails safe. That is why we are using
It's a bit annoying, and it's one extra step in signing up for e-mails. But we think it''s worth it.

receive e-mails

Receive e-mails on critical needs across America:

e-mail address

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After you have browsed through the current needs, and you feel that you have a specific way you can help, get in touch with us through one of the same three channels:

Twitter (please send a direct message)
Facebook (make a wall post at the Realtime Church page)

>>>Please leave your name and phone number. We will call you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

About Us

Josh & Shelly Buck

Sunday, July 12, 2009


My house is full of germs. Germs everywhere. I should invest in some more Lysol and try to get rid this virus. Josh has been running a fever since Friday (he seems on the upswing) and now Noah has it.

Noah is one of the most hyper boys you will ever meet. He finds trouble- EVERYWHERE. When I was in NYC last weekend, he nearly ran himself over with my dad's truck. He was unsupervised for a total of about 30 seconds (according to the adults present) and still managed to get into this much trouble. So, when this little boy is as quiet as he is today, you know he's sick. He just wanders around, waiting, I'm not sure for what. Josh let know use the electric leaf blower which would normally make his day, but he only wanted to do it for about 2 minutes and then was done. Makes me feel bad for the little booger. He's sleeping next to me on the floor right now so I don't have to worry about his fever getting out of control.

God's been teaching me some new stuff that I am looking forward to sharing but just don't have anything solid in my mind to say. Hope all you friends are well.


Friday, July 10, 2009