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Friday, July 17, 2009


Word of mouth is a powerful thing.

Even if there aren't any ways that you can help with the current critical needs, you can still talk about them. Pray about them. Blog about them. Chat about them around the water cooler. Let more and more people know about them.

In the past of four or five years, many people who have experienced illnesses, tragedies, and other traumatic experiences have been able to gather incredible followings on their blogs. This is fantastic! When we learned of a blog like this, we will post it.

Also, Caringbridge and Care Pages are great resources for families with loved ones in the hospital. Whenever someone we are following has a Caringbridge page, we will post links to it here.


  1. Pray for my friend who had a baby today and the baby is not doing well. When they broke her water there was blood and the cord was bleeding. After they did an emergency c-section the baby had a lack of oxygen and was put in In an induced comma. Then they rushed the baby to Children’s Hospital. We are still waiting to hear.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Feel free to e-mail more details to

    We can talk about possible ways RTC can help.

  3. please pray my sister who turned her life over to God after having drugs take over her life is in need. She is a single mom with three kids. Her car broke and she hasno transportation for the kids or for her to get to work. She has saved up $2,000-which is huge for her. Because 2 years ago her house was burned to the ground and she totally had to start over. Please pray she finds a dependable car for that much soon. thanks

  4. Please pray for a 53 year old woman (D. Johnson) who recently lost her husband. She is trying to stay strong for her family as they all grieve the loss of their loved one. She has taken on a substantial financial burden having had taken care of her ill husband for a number of years prior to his recent passing and is attempting to regain the work force to keep the family finances afloat. Pray that the grief and worry that she is stricken with be lifted from her shoulders and that God leads her on a path that surrounds her and her family with love and support.