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Friday, July 17, 2009

Be the First

This is the "guts" of Realtime Church.

It's not every day that someone you are close to is in a traumatic event, so you probably won't be uploading things to Realtime Church every day. But you do check Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail every day... probably more.

If you sign up to follow Realtime Church, you will be the first to know what traumatic events are going on in the Realtime Church world. Does this make you amazing? Yes. Does this make you a little nosy? Probably. Does it also make you available to the needs of hurting people all across the country? Absolutely. And that is the point... awareness of the needs going on all around us.

Follow Realtime Church by:

>>Twitter (you must have a twitter account)

>>Facebook (join the group!)


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