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Friday, December 18, 2009

Eric, Amy, and Fam

A simple ankle issue turned into multiple blood clots in the lungs and hospitalization for Amy, wife of Eric and mother of five young kids. Eric has missed weeks of work, and in this economy that means disaster. Normal daily activities for Amy have turned into tons of time in a walker and lifelong daily blood thinning shots.

Like so many others this Christmas season, this Hudsonville family isn't going to have much of a Christmas. But we can do something about it.

  • One of their biggest needs in this cold weather is simple... blankets, sheets, and pillows. All five kids sleep in twin beds.
  • The family also needs several Rubbermaid-like laundry baskets, and towels of any kind.
  • Small gift ideas for the girls -- Twilight movie on DVD, arts and crafts supplies, simple earrings, girly blankets and pillows
  • Small gift ideas for the boys -- Spiderman stuff, cars, trucks, guns, new or used video games of any kind
We can't make Christmas better for everybody this December, but we can sure do a lot for this one family.

Even if you feel like the items might not get here by Christmas, send them anyway. We will make sure the family gets everything.

You can mail or deliver any of these items to:

Realtime Church
2931 Copperrove Dr.
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Please call 616-322-2498 to set up delivery.
E-mail with questions


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  1. God Bless everyone that helped my family. This is Amy Hall and Eric and I got Christmas gifts provided to our family through the loving help of Josh and Shelly and all of you out there that helped. I don't even know how I can possibly show any of you what you did for our family. We have never had such a wonderful Christmas. I am going to be emailing Josh and Shelly in a minute to explain further what has been going on with our family. With so much love and thanks for all that you did,Amy and Eric,Chelsea,Caysey,Collin,Colby and Corbin Hall♥