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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sweet Saraiah

Saraiah is the baby daughter of Jeremiah and Veronica. She was born January 4 with Down's Syndrome and severe heart defects. After much prayer and consultation with medical professionals, Saraiah's parents decided to take her home, expecting her to live anywhere from a few hours to a week. Four months later, Saraiah is doing well.

So what can Realtime Church do for this family? PRAY! This sweet little girl needs our prayers. Very specifically, pray that the left side of her heart grows so that surgery will be possible. Pray for Saraiah's mommy and daddy. They are going through an extremely difficult situation and need to continue to have the emotional stamina to face each day.

We will keep you updated, but for now- PRAY!

Facebook -click here to get more detailed info about Saraiah


  1. I just sent some prayers up for that little angel. I pray for the parents and the doctors and for her to be ok..Lots of love and prayers to you guys,hang in there..♥Amy

  2. has this family heard of Down's Heart Group? it is a UK based charity with members from all over the world offering support to families like Saraiah's.